Balancing Taste and Budget

"One-Of-A Kind" Custom Homes

 A custom home is one you design, not a house someone is trying to fit you into. At RD Builders, every home we build is one-of-a-kind, unique like you are. We don’t just build luxury homes, but homes that are customized to your taste and specifications. That’s what makes us different than any custom home builder. We’re experts at balancing your wishes with your budget. 

Bring us your vision or view our selection of custom built homes to get started. Our approach is simple: We don’t want to simply supply you with a plan, we want to know, “What’s your plan?” We want to be your partners in creating your dream home. 

You are only limited by your imagination, and your budget. When we are finished, there won’t be another home like yours!


Everything about a custom home is about you. It isn’t about cost per square foot. It’s about thought per square foot. You tell us what you want, and together we design a luxury, custom home that incorporates what is most important to you, based on your budget. 

We are like the Idea Bank for custom homes. We are constantly developing new plans with the details and materials our customers want most. We also combine the personal touch you crave with a firm financial foundation that assures we will be here long after your home is completed.  Call us today to let us serve you!


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